NCSJ Chairman Stephen M. Greenberg

Chairman’s Message - Stephen M. Greenberg

“The Jewish communities of the former Soviet region are partners with U.S. Jewry, part of an international diaspora that is obligated to preserve Jewish values and free the world from anti-Semitism. Our effort to realize this future will shape our identity as part of Jewish history. I am very proud to serve as the new chairman of NCSJ. We have great work to do.”  MORE...


Presidents’s Message - Alexander Smukler

"For Jews who lived in the Soviet era, 'Jew' was an identity written on our passports and it was an identity that shaped every aspect of our lives. Now in the FSU, people, especially young people, have to choose to identify themselves as Jews. We need to help them. They need to know what it means to be a Jew in terms of religion, culture, self-perception, and as a citizen both of their country and of the world."


From the Executive Director - Mark B. Levin

"NCSJ has a critical role to play as facilitator and catalyst. We need to actively work to strengthen the links among Jewish communities throughout the FSU and also strengthen their links with the organized U.S. Jewish community. We also need to deepen the relationships between the governments of the 15 independent states of the FSU and the State of Israel."